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MasksNowIL donates quality cloth masks to healthcare facilities and social service organizations across Illinois. While we have distributed over 100,000 masks to 200+ facilities thus far, we started as a small Facebook group of stitchers in the northwest suburbs. What started off as a handful of people has exploded into a network of over 100 volunteers from all corners of the state, working together to make and collect cloth masks to stop the spread, one mask at a time.


During COVID-19, it is difficult to find meaningful and safe ways to get involved in the community, yet people need community support now more than ever. Even if you cannot sew, we have other volunteer opportunities such as fundraising, preparing fabric for sewing, and labeling bags to aide our distribution! We are eager to empower people of all ages to help give back from the safety of their own homes, and help them feel part of a positive movement.

You are doing amazing work and organizations like ours are so thankful! We know your backs ache from leaning over the sewing machine and you are tired of changing the needles and thread, but know that each stitch is precious. You are making sure we are keeping each other healthy! Life is precious and you are helping to preserve it!”

-Director of Nursing, Disabled/Senior Living Facility recipient of over 1,000 cloth masks

“I can’t voice the gratitude for the mask we received today. They came right in time to be passed out [to the] patients and their children. Thank you and the wonderful people who are making and donating masks. You are positively affecting more people than you realize! Thank you and may we all be blessed! We will get through this! But with people like you it makes it more manageable!”

-Director, Social Service Organization recipient of over 300 cloth masks

“As the point person for our hospital, I can tell you all KEEP GOING!!! The wearing of masks is not going away anytime soon. Thank you… all of you who fulfilled our request!! We are SO GRATEFUL!! I wore my mask at Jewel this past Sunday and a woman approached me asking if I got mine from #masknowil and I exclaimed YES! She recalls seeing my mask on a previous post and was so glad to see it being used.”

-Director of Nursing, Hospital recipient of over 500 cloth masks

“I feel like I’m doing my small part in helping during this pandemic. Sewing has also helped with a routine during the quarentine. I recommend it!”

Can't sew? That's okay - you can still help.

You can still volunteer, donate funds, or follow us on social media to support our efforts!

Stopping the spread, one mask at a time, since March 2020. 

Facilities Served

Masks Distributed

We’ve Raised over $3,500+ to #MaskUp in IL!

To get masks on faces, we need your help to fund the distribution of supplies and to ship the masks to those in need across the state. Whatever you can give, we are so grateful for you contribution!

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

Have a question or want to know how you can help? Let us know!

Email: masksnowil@gmail.com

Call/Message Us: 847.496.0390

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